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Your Business on the Web - Step by Step

1. Secure Your Domain Name - .ie, .com or .net.
Choose a name, usually your business name, keep it short and easy to type. Alternatively choose the name that describes your business, e.g. wicklowproperty.com which can optimise your search engine placement. Where possible it is advisable to register both the .com and the .ie version of the domain name.

The .ie shows straight away that you are a legitimate Irish business which is useful if you are targetting the Irish market, but the costs are higher (€120 / annum). The .ie registration also requires additional paperowrk to prove your right to the name, e.g. business name or company registration certificates, utility bill or invoice showing business address, etc.

A .com or .net domain is globally recognised and is usually the first name typed, e.g. outdoordynamics.com. The .com or .net is cheaper at €120 for 3 years but, being the most popular choice, many domain names are already taken.

2. Hosting
Hosting is rented space on a server that is constantly connected to the internet, making your site available to visitors anytime and anywhere.

E-POWER hosting offers everything you will ever need for the business web site along with many extra features as you develop your business and your web site. For full details, click here.

3. Your Web Site

Key Elements
a. Your Business Identity / Brand -
logo/name should be clearly visible and colour scheme should blend or complement.
b. First Impressions -
a visually appealing and professional looking site will create a good first impression, encouraging the visitor to do business with you.
c. User-Friendly -
the site should be easy to navigate and information should be quick to find and clearly laid out.
d. Encourage the Visitor to Contact you for Further Information -
this gives you the opportunity to sell your product or service, close the deal and gain a customer.

The Design Process
The initial consultation will explore your business and target market.
Identify the information that your potential customer will want.
Identify the information that your existing customer will want.
Decide your branding, logo and colour scheme.
Review your competitors' sites and how to differentiate your business.
Features you like or dislike in other sites.
Who will maintain or update the site.
The Budget
The Goals
The Solution - E-POWER aims to provide you with a web presence that will meet your needs and expectations.

During Development
The design process continues with ongoing consultation as the site is developed so you have the opportunity to change the brief at any stage of the process.

Site Updates
Training can be provided so you and your staff can manage your web site or let us do it for you, saving you time and money.

Search Engines
The final stage in the development is to select a series of keywords or phrases used by visitors in search engines to find your site. These words are then incorporated into the site and, once the site is launched, it is registered with a number of search engines. (Note: some search engines and directories charge for a listing. For some businesses a paid listing with an association for your business sector or a pay-per-click keyword ad can be effective - e.g. Google keyword ads).

Ongoing Support
Ongoing technical support is available once the site is launched.